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The Hogwarts Tag! 

All aboard the Hogwarts express! 🚂 I saw this tag at https://dwellinginerised.com/2017/10/01/the-hogwarts-tag/ and thought it looked really cool so here are my answers; 

1. Am I pureblood, half-blood or muggle born? 

As the only big bookworm in my family I always really identified with the character of Hermione Granger so I’m going to have to say Muggle Born. 

2. Which wand chose me? 

Quirky, mischievous and prone to melancholy if mishandled. Yeah that just about sums me up! 

3. Did I take an owl, cat, rat or toad with me? 

Owls are one of my favourite animals and I actually collect owl jewellery. I’ve also always loved the idea of them carrying mail. Besides that I’m allergic to cats and can’t really see the use of a rat or toad in all honesty! 

4. Where did the sorting hat put me? 

Pottermore puts me in Ravenclaw and it’s where I’ve always believed I belong but occasionally I get Slytherin! 

5. The form my Patronus takes. 

This makes perfect sense as everyone who knows me knows how much I love dogs. 

6. What lessons are my favourite and least favourite? 

I feel that I’d really like History of Magic best because I love theory heavy lessons and reading and history. Also Divination because I do dabble in fortune telling. 

I guess my least favourites would probably be Potions, Herbology and Defence Against the Dark Arts, in that order. 

7. What does a boggart look like for you? 

I’m absolutely terrified of being attacked by a burgular (don’t ask) so I guess that’s how the boggart would look. 

8. Do I partake in any magical hobbies or sports?

Highly unlikely I’m not really a sports person and my hobbies include reading and well…. reading. 

9. Where would I find myself hanging in my free time? 

The library or my favourite teacher’s classroom. I’m a true Hermione at heart. 

10. What would I most likely get detention for? 

Trying to get into the restricted section of library. 

11. What career do I want after leaving Hogwarts? 

I’d love to take over the Daily Phrophet and make it into a decent paper! 

This tag was great fun and you should definitely have a go if you’re a Potter fan! 


Pick a Word and Pass it On Booktag 

This is, as far as I’m aware, a completely brand new Book Tag created by me! So, I was looking for something on my Goodreads and realised that there were a lot of books with the world King in them. So I decided to start this Book Tag. 

Here are the rules; 

1. You can either take the word the person who tagged you used, or you can pick your own. 

2. You must list all the books on your read list which include that word in either the title or the author. 

3. Tag some friends and pass it on! 

So thanks to my search I have picked the word ‘King’ my tagged friends are welcome to use King too or to pick a word for themselves! So here are all the books I’ve read that have the word King in either the title or the author name. I’ve skipped out titles which include the word king as part of another word I.e breaking or shocking as this gave over 70 results! 

The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory is my currently reading book. 

Insomnia by Stephen King 

Stig of the Dump by Clive King 

Ace by Dick King Smith 

Harry’s Mad by Dick King Smith 

The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith 

The Fox Busters by Dick King Smith 

The Crowstarver by Dick King Smith 

The Witch of Blackberry Bottom by Dick King Smith 

King of the Middle March by Kevin Crossley Holland 

A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin 

The Green Mile by Stephen King 

The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory 

The Return of the King by JRR Tolkien 

Gerald’s Game by Stephen King 

Pale Kings and Princes by Cassandra Clare 

Babe by Dick King Smith 

I tag; 

Becky at Uptown Orace 

Love Books Group 

Kristin at Kristin Kraves Books 

Tbr Book Tag 

Helloooo welcome to the world of Leonie’s hellish TBR pile. The place where my nightmares are made and a constant source of stress in my life… I’m hoping this tag might make me a little more organised when it comes to my TBR in all honesty! I saw this tag on Kristin Kraves Books http://www.kristinkravesbooks.wordpress.com and thought I’d give it a go as my tbr is a thorn in my side and an elephant in the room and every other possible Idiom I can think of! 

How do you keep track of your TBR pile? 

For the most part I use Goodreads but it’s a little more complicated. Goodreads holds the books that I’ve actually chosen that I want to read e.g classics that I’ll probably never get round too, recommendations, newly published and of course books by my favourite authors. But then I also have my ‘other’ tbr which is in my head and that’s the books that I see and think I’ll probably read but don’t actually add to my physical tbr and also my ‘arc tbr’ which consists of books that publishers send me in the post or books I request on Netgalley. Some of these are actually on my Goodreads tbr but some aren’t. 

Is your TBR mostly print or e-book? 

I actually have no idea. I guess there are probably some on there which are e-book only but I imagine most books these days by traditionally published authors come in both formats. I don’t particularly mind if I’m honest. The only time it makes a difference to me is if it’s part of a series I like to have them all in the same format, I don’t want books 1-3 on my shelf and 4-6 on my kindle for example. 

How do you determine which books from your TBR to read next? 

I have a weirdly complex little system going on at the moment. It used to be at random and then all I was doing was reading my newest books first and never getting round to the stuff that has been on their for a while. So what I do now is read any ARCs I have first of all, then I read a print book and alternate with an Ebook for the next one. This works by starting in the left hand corner of my shelves and working my way down and with my kindle I read alphabetically by author. This sort of fails though when I buy books by authors higher up in the alphabet! 

A book that’s been on your TBR the longest? 

A Book that you recently added to your tbr? 

This is a classic example of my mental tbr. This books been on my shelf for months but I only added it to my tbr like yesterday. 

A book on your tbr strictly because it has a beautiful cover? 

I actually bought this recently on kindle daily deal purely because I was attracted to the cover! 

A book on your tbr that you actually never plan on reading? 

I’m actually quite strict with my tbr despite its astronomical size. So every month or so I go on and have a clear out. For example I had a lot of classics on there such as The Vicar of Wakefield which I thought, I’m just never going to read. I’ve recently had one of these clearouts so at the moment I intend to read everything that’s on there. 

An unpublished book on your tbr that you’re excited for? 

Winters Teeth by Tim Hall. It’s the follow up to Shadow of the Wolf and should have been published last year but no sign of it yet! I’m desperate to read it as the first one was so good! 

A book on your tbr that basically everyone except you has read? 

I’d have to go with Kristin here and say Six of Crows, I’ve recently bought the first two in the series so I should get round to them soon! 

A Book on Your TBR that everyone recommends to you? 

I got this for my birthday so should start it soon! 

A Book on your TBR that you’re dying to read? 

The Number of Books on your Goodreads TBR?

435 I don’t even like looking at it!