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Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage by Milly Johnson. Review 

As usual this novel had lots of Milly’s warmth and love written between its pages. But while it didn’t spoil the quality of the novel I felt that this one was a little bit too sad for me. Other than the last 30 pages or so it seemed like it was a bad time for all the whole way through! 

That doesn’t mean it was a bad book, I still enjoyed Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage but I felt it was very different from the usual chirpy style of Milly’s books. I guess what it was, was more realistic! 

Viv Blackbird takes a job at Wildflower Cottage Animal Sanctuary for one reason and one reason only. But as time goes on she suddenly finds herself far more emotionally invested in the sanctuary than she would ever have thought she could be.

Geraldine has worked at the sanctuary for many years, running from a horrific past she has nowhere else to go and desperately wants to stay at the place that has become a sanctuary for her as well as the animals. 

Stel, Viv’s mother has had a bad time with men, she always manages to pick the losers but now she seems to have met a real gent. Someone who wants to give her the world. It seems almost to good to be true… 

There were a lot more characters in this novel than Milly’s others but at no point did it feel busy, or hard to follow. Each character’s story was interesting, heartwarming and at times really sad. I felt that Milly dabbled in a little thriller and suspense in this one too and surprisingly it really worked well! 

I can’t say this was my favourite novel written by Milly Johnson but it was still easily deserving of 4*. 


The Queen of Wishful Thinking by Milly Johnson. Review 

I’ve loved Milly Johnson’s novels since I picked up a sample of Its Raining Men in Waterstones, Meadowhall a few years ago. I was really excited to receive my copy of The Queen of Wishful Thinking from the publishers Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review. 

As usual I really enjoyed the book. This one deals with a lot of sensitive issues, as is expected with the romance/chic-lit genre it focuses on two people who are unhappy and find happiness with each other. But it also deals with the more serious issues of infertility, abortion, infidelity and euthanasia. I also love that there are funny anecdotes at the beginning of several chapters which are extracts from The Daily Trumpet as usual posting hilarious misprints. Being a Yorkshire lass myself I found the one about a 12 year old called Beyoncé-Jane particularly funny, because I know for a fact that there’s probably kids called that in S.Yorks. 

Anyway, back to the storyline; Bonnie is in a loveless marriage with Stephen who controls everything about their lives, to top it off she’s also unhappy in her job, until she unexpectedly lands a job at a new antique store called Pot of Gold and gets more than she bargained for when she falls for her boss Lew. Lew is having problems of his own with his golddigger wife who is fast becoming unrecognisable. Having just recovered from a heart attack, Lew just wants a quiet life. And his feelings for Bonnie are developing as well. 

Alongside the love story, as aforementioned there are lots of other issues going on, but it all comes together very nicely. Milly has a skill of putting together novels which make you equal parts laugh along with the characters and fall apart with them as their world comes crashing down around them and they struggle to pick the pieces up. But friends are on hand, support is there and these friends go to outrageous lengths to protect their own. 

And of course in the end they all get to live happily ever after which is the best part about all of Milly’s novels! 

Spring Reads 2017 

Spring is in the air and in my step. For the first time in what seems like ages we were able to bask in the sunlight as we walked our dog down the Chesterfield canal this afternoon. 

Spring for me is all about preparation for the summer, getting the garden summer ready, baby animals being born and of course Easter eggs! 

It’s with all this in mind that I’ve come up with my favourite books to see me into spring. 

1. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  

The phrase ‘mad as a March Hare’ is what convinced me that this book belongs on this list. Not to mention that despite its high levels of crazy, Wonderland is actually a rather beautiful place. With its singing flowers, colourful mushrooms and clever caterpillars, it’s the perfect way to slip into spring. Plus there’s some beautiful illustrated copies available to purchase such as this one which I bought myself with some Christmas money. 

2. Mr MacGregor by Alan Titchmarsh 

What better way to get in the mood for planting those spring seeds than reading a book about a gardener? 

Rob MacGregor is a TV gardener just like the author Alan Titchmarsh. His career is going from strength to strength but he’s annoying pretty much everyone, from his girlfriend Katherine when she finds out he’s been having an affair, to his co-presenters who’s not happy that Rob has been brought in to sex up the show. On top of all that his dad looks like he’s about to lose the nursery ran by his family for generations. 

3. Mixed Doubles by Jill Mansell 

I can recommend any of Jill Mansell’s books, she’s an amazing writer and as most of her books are set in spring and summer so it was a hard choice! But I’ve settled on Mixed Doubles as I actually read it at Easter time a few years ago. 

Perfectly romantic it starts just before New Year’s Eve as three friends Dulcie, Pru and Liza get together to make their resolutions as has been their habit since they became friends. But they have no idea what’s actually in store for them in the year to come. 

4. A Spring Affair by Milly Johnson 

This book is the one thing you need to inspire that big spring clean. Lou Winter picks up an old magazine in a dentists waiting room and gets inspired to do a big spring declutter and clean. But she suddenly goes a bit crazy with it, she didn’t realise that decluttering could be so addictive. But what her family and friends don’t realise is that decluttering her house is also making her feel that she needs to declutter other parts of her life too…. plus Milly is a South Yorkshire girl like me so I have enough bias to say read everything she’s written! Seriously though, she’s a really witty, brilliantly romantic writer who writes amazing books. 

5. Gardens of Delight by Erica James. 

This is a book that will get you in the car and driving across the country to try and find a beautiful garden in which to pass some time on a sunny spring day. 

The Gardens of Delight brochure promises the opportunity to visit some of Italies most beautiful lakes and gardens around Lake Como. Lucy wants to go there for more than just the gardens though, her dad lives there and she hasn’t seen him since he left when she was a teenager. Helen meanwhile is recently married to a wealthy man who is spending a lot of time away from home leaving Helen to tend to the garden. Needing help, and friends she decides to join the local gardening club. A beautiful book about the love of gardens, gardening and just plain old love itself. 

So there we have it. It’s not an exhaustive list ebennthough it could have been! But it is a selection of amazing books to get you in the mood for spring 2017.