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The Other Girl by Erica Spindler. Review 

Phew! What a roller coaster ride. I haven’t read such an engaging, well written thriller in a while. 

The Other Girl is authored by Erica Spindler best known for her ability to jump between genres, beginning with Mills & Boon style romances, fitting in some of her delicious crime thrillers featuring The Malones and Stacey Killian and even fitting in some cross genre crime/sci fi fiction with her Lightkeepers series. 

This new novel features a brand new detective Miranda Rader and I really hope that we get to see some more of Miranda in the future. Miranda comes from a troubled background, after getting busted for possession of pot when she was 15 and spending some time in juvenile prison, Miranda turned her life around and became a police officer. 

Miranda is brought in as lead detective to investigate the murder of a professor at the local university. Son of the prestigious President of the University, the pressure is on to find out who killed him in such a brutal way. As Miranda begins to put together the pieces which may link the dead man to a terrifying night from her past, suddenly she’s gone from Apple of the Chief’s eye to a suspect. The only people who seem to be on her side are her partner Jake and her best friend Summer who owns a bar (with a really cool name!) The Toasted Cat. 

But who can Miranda trust, it’s clear somebody is setting her up but who? Then she remembers there was another girl there that night, another girl who knows what happens and who exactly covered it up… but who is The Other Girl? 

This was a well written and fast paced novel. Erica has a wonderful way of writing and throws in particularly good red herrings, I’m not ashamed to admit that I fell for one of them hook, line and sinker. But there’s a sadness to this novel too as it shows how a woman must struggle in a man’s world, how someone who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks can be manipulated and disbelieved and the corruption within law enforcement, where money can buy you anything. 


Triple Six by Erica Spindler. Review 

I nearly didn’t read this. I love Erica Spindler and followed her crime/thriller novels. When I read the first book in this series The Final Seven I didn’t particularly enjoy it. In fact I left a review saying as much. The reason for this I think is because I approached it all wrong. I was expecting more of the usual fast paced crime thriller and instead ended up being introduced to some kind of supernatural/urban fantasy story that was totally unexpected. It was this lack of preparation that kind of ruined it for me. It was for this reason that I swore off reading anymore in this series. 
However, I decided to give it another shot and I’m really glad that I did. Knowing what to expect this time I found it much more enjoyable. I liked the characters of Micki and Zach much more in this book, they were more natural and less in your face. 

The storyline was much better too, a lot more history about the light keepers and what happened at the end of Final Seven. I think after this I’ll definitely pick up this series again and return to my love of Erica’s novels. 

Book Review – The Final Seven by Erica Spindler 

  I’ve got a mixed bag of feelings about this one… 
I love Erica Spindler’s books. They’re always along the lines of either a crime thriller like her Stacy Killian novels and her romantic suspense novels which are usually a combination of creepy and thriller. 
This one was a bit different though. It had the crime thriller element of the Stacy Killian novels (she even makes a cameo appearance) and the creepiness of the romantic suspense. 

I still haven’t quite decided if I think that works… There’s elements to this book that I like, that I really like. But it almost feels like reading two different stories. One a crime novel for adults and the other a YA fantasy novel. Now these are my two favourite genres don’t get me wrong but do they work together. I’m still on the fence. 

I don’t think the characters were as engaging as they could have been. Zach often came across as week or dependent only on his looks to see him through life giving him a shallow appearance even when he was really being genuinely caring. Mick on the other hand was a cross between bimbo (referring to her own breast implants and ‘big rack’ more than once) and some hard hitting ladette. It was hard to come to a decision about her. I would have liked to have seen a bit more realism as well. There were elements of FBI conspiracy theory but not enough evidence given to support it. It felt unlikely to me that a police officer could be placed there with no training and it didn’t make sense to me why they wouldn’t just have trained them anyway… 

Overall I liked both storylines but feel they would have worked better as separate books. Nevertheless Erica’s excellent writing skills and ability to grip the reader enabled me to devour this book in one sitting and I have no doubt I’ll be checking out the next instalment upon its release in November.