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Wintersong by S Jae Jones. Review. 

‘She is for the Goblin King now’

I’ve recently become enthralled by novels like Wintersong which take the dark fairytales of Russia, Eastern Europe and in this case Germany and make them into their own. 

Wintersong tells the tale of Liesel, a young German woman with a passion for music. Music she is not allowed to compose or play because a woman is too inferior to do so. Instead she lives through her brother Josef who is about to audition to receive tutelage from a famous music teacher. Liesel is a young woman who is not just plain to look at but perceived as ugly, especially beside her beautiful sister Käthe. The three children have grown up beside the Goblin Grove, listening to their grandmother’s eerie tales of witches, hobgoblins and sprites. But most particularly of the Goblin King himself. Now they are getting older they don’t believe in her stories anymore. That is until Käthe is kidnapped by the King and Liesel has to go to his underground kingdom to bring her back. 

This book is deliciously dark, it tantalises and teases, it is frightening in parts but at the same time grips you with its intesity. It draws you in and seduces you. The Goblin King, dips between two personas as the thing of nightmares and the man of your dream. It is very, very cleverly done! While wanting to stay lost in the world there is a fear that should you do that, you would never escape. 

There is passion in this novel, but of the dark sort. The ones that all girls who don’t believe in themselves, who view ‘beauty on the inside’ as an ugly truth. The novel doesn’t feel very YA it reads more like an adult novel which I did really like. The border of YA and adult fantasy became blurred which is just right for the dark fairytale theme. 

Wintersong has echoes of a more serious version of the film Labyrinth and the combination of this, and the dark fairytales just makes it devilishly decadent. A true work of art of a novel! I can’t wait for the sequel! 


Review: The Fire Child

Eat your heart out Daphne De Maurier. Not since Rebecca has the tale of the ghost of the dead wife haunted me in such as way as it has with The Fire Child. What an unnerving and truly gripping tale of the desperation of a young woman and a little troubled boy.

Firstly for fans of The Ice Twins I apologise. While the plot of S.K Tremayne’s first novel did intrigue me I couldn’t help but not think that it lived up to the hype. When I received an early copy of The Fire Child for review I admit I had my doubts. Yet another trumped up thriller story sure to end in disappointment. But no. I was wrong, I hold my hands up and eat a slice of humble pie this book was fantastic!

I started it this morning and I literally COULD NOT put it down.

The Fire Child’s main character and 1st person narrator Rachel Daly cannot believe her luck, dragging herself up from a rough upbringing in ‘Sarf London’ and hiding the terrible secrets from her past she is ready for a new beginning and a fresh start when she meets and marries the delectable David and moves with him and his son to the family home in Cornwall. But it is once they arrive that Rachel begins to be haunted by not only her own issues from the past but by the ghost/spirit of her predecessor Nina, David’s first wife and Jamie’s mother. Isolated from the world Rachel begins to think she is going mad and David is set out to prove just that. But what is truth and what is a lie in the rambling old house with its dusty cellars and even more well hidden secrets?

This book is gripping, it is dark, it has elements of everything from crime to thriller to suicide to the supernatural and the twist? Well you’ll have to read it to find that bit out!! All I’ll say is it took while very near the end for me to start and put the pieces of the puzzle together!

As well as the main storyline this novel provides an intriguing account of the history of Cornish tin mining as well as using beautiful poetic language to describe the area and really create the image of the house, the Cornish countryside and the mines themselves. It’s definitely got me interested in a subject that in all honesty I had never heard of before! I’d definitely be keen to read other novels by this author!