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One of Us is Lying by Karen .M. McManus. Review 

One of Us is lying is the hotly anticipated new YA novel from Karen M McManus. The concept instantly intrigued me. Five students are all in detention when one of them dies. The other four are instantly under suspicion. One of the people in that room knows what happened but nobodies owning up. 

The novel is a very very easy read, not because of the subject matter or the writing style but because it’s so interesting. A murder mystery for teen readers. 

All of the students have a Secret which they wanted to keep quiet. There’s Nate who despite being on probation is still drug dealing. Bronwyn is super smart and heading for valedictorian or is she..? Cooper is the all star baseball player who goes out with the prettiest girl in school, but is she who he really wants to be with? And then there’s Addy, super pretty, popular and devoted to her boyfriend Jake but maybe being on the inside means she can’t see what’s going on. 

Simon ran a gossip app, like Gossip Girl but doubly as cruel and he had secrets about all of the others that they wouldn’t want to come out.  

The novel has plenty of twists and turns and suspicions jump from person to person so that even the reader doesn’t know who to trust. There’s the usual teen spats and bitchiness but with a darker undertone that I really loved. 

I really enjoyed this book, it was perfect in a very different way to the usual YA storylines. It was well written and all the characters were likeable and engaging. I really loved one of the relationships which developed along the way although I won’t say who it is though as I like to avoid spoilers. What I will say though is that I loved, loved, loved, this book and everyone should read it! 


Taking control of my life 

Those who follow my blog (or know me personally) will know that I’ve been unhappy in my current job pretty much since starting. Well things have escalated a bit in recent times and I’ve been feeling the pressure. I’ve not been able to get any of my studying done or find any free time to spend with my boyfriend, my family or my friends. It’s been a really poor situation and I haven’t even been able to get the time off to go to interviews for other jobs! 

So this morning having interviewed yesterday for the first time and with no job offer yet in the pipeline I handed in my notice with immediate effect. I expected to feel worried and upset but for the first time in a long time I felt empowered. Yes it’s going to be hard for me with no income and hard for my partner to pay all the bills and support me BUT I am no longer stuck in a miserable jobs making a bad reference for myself because I’m having time off due to the way the job is making me feel. I’m not letting my uni work suffer or not doing things I enjoy because of it. I’m applying for jobs like a crazy woman and I’ve got some interviews lined up already so fingers crossed I’ll find something soon.

However until then, I’m going to enjoy life for a bit. I’m going to binge watch vampire diaries season 6, I’m going to visit my town museum and write a blog post about it. I’m going to explore some local beauty spots with my dog, I’m going to spend time with boyfriend and catch up on the bits of extensive housework that I don’t usually get done. I’m going to LIVE at least for a little while…