The Dark Vault by VE Schwab. Part 2 – The Unbound. Review

If you read my review yesterday of part 1 of The Dark Vault which is The Archive then you will know that I absolutely loved it and was super excited to start book 2 The Unbound today.

Unfortunately, for me it fell flat in comparison to book 1.

The problem with this book was Mackenzie. Mackenzie in book one was super strong, independent and resilient and look, I know she went through a trauma and there would be consequences of that but it was literally like her whole life fell apart, and with it, the story. Mac changed into this person who doesn’t look after herself, has all these terrible nightmares that turn into daymares and that is literally what 90% of the book is, Mac’s sleep time terrors. It just got repetitive and in all honesty, annoying.

There was far too little Wes in this one for my liking, her mum was just way over the top even going to the point of drugging her which just felt insane because other than a few ‘how could you?’ ‘What have you done?’ At the time there was literally no consequence for her actions which were let’s face it: drugging a child.

I didn’t hate it, I appreciate I probably got a bit ranty there, I just felt let down by own expectations I came into this book expecting it to be as amazing the first only to find Mackenzie making the same mistakes as the first time and I spend a lot of the book asking why she was doing the things she was doing! I am still absolutely on board to read book 2 though!


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