The Dark Vault by VE Schwab. Part 1 – The Archive. Review


The true telling of a really good story for me is one that you think about after you’ve read it. That stays in your mind and leaves you desperate for more. That is what The Archive has left me with. I need more of this incredible story and the characters Mac and Wes.

I read this as part of the book The Dark Vault and I’ll be reading the second book The Unbound soon so expect a review of that shortly too.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this I love VE Schwab’s books don’t get me wrong but this is the one that has truly blown me away. So what was it I liked so much?

This story had everything I love. I have a serious obsession with old buildings so having a novel set in an incredibly old hotel that’s been converted into apartments but still has many of its original features not to mention some of its original residents just drags me in straight away. Then there’s the whole idea of a library (or rather an archive) where when a person dies their ‘History’ goes. It reminds me of The Great Library series by Rachel Caine but with a delightfully creepy element (and this was published first).

The flow of the writing was great, it’s not action packed from the beginning but that didn’t stop it from being a page turner and from making me not want to put it down, I was enthralled as Mac toured the hotel trying to find its secrets I just wanted to be there with her looking at the hidden memories, the antiques, the metal cage elevator and everything else.

Mac was a great character and I loved how determined and fierce and how much of a fighter she was. But I loved Wes so much too he had that perfect mix of charm and wit that I love in a male character like Jace or Will Herondale.

I can’t wait to start The Unbound tomorrow and I’m so sad that book 3 doesn’t yet have a publication date, I need it already!


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