A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. Review

This is the second book in the court of thorns and roses series by Sarah J Maas. And I need to warn you that there are spoilers ahead. I feel it would be impossible to write this review without spoilers. There is just too many feels. So if you’ve not read this book or the first one, proceed at your peril.

Title: A Court of Mist and Fury

Author: Sarah J Maas

Publication date: 3 May 2016

Page count: 624 pages

Rating: 5*



Following their escape from Under the Mountain, Feyre and Tamlin return to the Spring Court victorious. But there’s still the matter of her bargain with Rhysand to consider, and as Tamlin becomes more and more protective, Feyre begins to see her visits to The Night Court as the only freedom she has left.


Initial Thoughts

So, because I joined the ACoTaR hype a little later than most, I already knew that people were shipping Feyre and Rhysand. But based on what I’d read in the first book, I couldn’t see how this would be a thing, I mean he seemed like a first class d*ck and I loved Feyre and Tamlin and couldn’t see why anyone would want to break them up. How wrong and naive I was….


I loved Feyre as a human but I love her 1000000000 tones more as a High Fae. At first, I’ll admit she was getting on my nerves a bit, I got that she was frustrated being stuck locked in the Manor House but she was starting to get a bit whiny. Luckily she totally redeemed herself and I love how she’s grown as a character. There was no way she was going to be the same Feyre after what happened under the mountain and I think being at The Night Court really helped develop her into who she was and helped her find herself. I love her new powers, the idea of her being the most powerful Fae out there and being so unpredictable is just awesome. Plus.. water wolves!!


Good grief this man. I finally understand why there’s so much bookish merch inspired by Rhys. He’s like the perfect book boyfriend, all that darkness, romance, banter, flirting. SJM’s writing is so good that you literally feel like it’s you he’s flirting with. Not since Cassie Clare’s Jace have I fell in love with a fictional character so hard and so fast.

The Sex

I tell you something, EL James could take a few pointers from SJM when it comes to writing raunchy books. ACoMaF has a LOT more sex than the first book and I’m not going to lie, it’s steamy as hell!! This whole mating bond thing and well.. Rhys. But for me the main thing was the build up, the sexual tension between Rhys and Feyre is incredible and it had me turning the pages faster and faster thinking ‘just do it already!!!’

The Relationship

I loved Rhys and Feyre’s relationship. It’s so real, there’s something so much more to it than there was with Tamlin. Not just the crazy good sex but the way they bounce off each other with banter and the clear love they have for each other. A really pivotal scene for me was the one where Rhys is shot and Feyre traps the Suriel in order to help him.

New Characters

There are some awesome new characters in ACoMaF honestly they make the characters in ACoTaR look 2D in comparison. Amren is fascinating, Cassian and Azriel remind me of Shadowhunters and I want to be best friends with Mor. I’m hoping that we get some more background on these guys in the next book as I really want to know more about them! And I love that Feyre now has a family, The Inner Circle are amazing!

The Plot

This book has a lot more action than the first one, there’s still plenty of world building and again, it makes The Spring Court seem dim and flat in comparison. There’s tons of adventures and I think it reflects Feyre’s feelings. She’s so much more powerful now, not to mention free and in love and it really shows through in the actions of the characters and the storyline.

To summarise

Tons more action, better romance, brand new friends, loads of background stories, plenty of excitement, and character development.

I’m ashamed to say that this series has sat on my shelf since July last year and all the time I had no idea that such an amazing series was in front of my eyes. This has more than a little potential in becoming my favourite ever series! As for that ending, well, I’m heading downstairs now to pick up the third book because I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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