Shadowsong by S Jae-Jones

I loved Wintersong which was my first introduction to the dark tales of Eastern Europe and you can read my review here:

Title: Shadowsong

Author: S Jae Jones

Publication Date: 6th February 2018

Page Count: 380 Pages

Quote: ‘Heed the horn and the hound, for something wicked this way comes.’

Rating: 5*


Please note although this review is spoiler free, there are spoilers from Wintersong so if you haven’t read the first book yet, read on at your peril.


After the Goblin King releases Liesl from the underground she struggles to get back on with her life. She misses her brother who doesn’t answer her letters and she misses her immortal beloved who remains in the darkness below. Unable to compose, dealing with the debts her father has left behind, Liesl suffers with her own dark thoughts and moods. Until a mysterious benefactor contacts her from Vienna, the Count wants to see her reunited with her brother and composing again. But the offer is not as gilt edged as it seems and Liesl, KathĂ«, Josef and Francois Find themselves thrown onto a dangerous path.


Shadowsong was just as captivating as Wintersong before it. This author writes so much dark beauty into her novels it fascinates me. But the world of Shadowsong is so much wider than in the first novel. Liesl is exploring the world and meeting new people outside of her small village in Bavaria. The dangers aren’t as obvious, at least with goblins you know what you’re dealing with, but humans are much more tricky, their motives less clear. Shadowsong explores the depths of human madness, bravery, love and deception more thoroughly than Wintersong.

And for me, it also answers many questions which Wintersong only hinted at. It explains the Goblin King and how he came to be, how Escape is possible and also one of my other favourite legends of the Fae; The Wild Hunt. The beauty and darkness so intermingled leave you breathless.


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