Gone by Michael Grant. Review

This series has been on my TBR for so long so I’m glad I’ve finally got around to reading it!

Title: Gone

Author: Michael Grant

Publication Date: 1st April 2014 (this edition)

Page Count: 559 Pages

Rating: 5*



One morning, all the people over age 15 in the town of Perdido Beach disappear. Sam and his friends have no idea what’s going on, desperate to find a solution they try to stick together, and keep the town in order. Until the kids from the Coates Boarding School turn up and all hell breaks lose.

Not to mention, some of the kids are developing weird powers, and it’s not just the kids but the animals too. How can Sam and his friends keep everyone safe and try to get them out of there when the world as they know it have turned upside down.


I was unsure if I’d enjoy this book as I thought maybe it might be on the younger side of young adult, but this wasn’t the case at all! In fact I would say that anyone under 15 shouldn’t really read it due to the violent content. But me, I’m 28 so it’s ok and I loved it!

The story is very original, it’s got great characters both good and bad and it’s very true to life. I think it represents the cruelty of children and also the way that children can easily mould into a mob culture. Not to mention how easy it is for them to be led along by whoever is strong enough to assume power.

Also, this book leaves you with a hell of a lot of questions, most importantly why are they trapped and where did the adults go? I can’t wait to crack on with the rest of this series!


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