The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. Review

I received my copy of this book in the November 2017 Fairyloot box. It’s got a signed bookplate too and the lushest cover! I adore the black and silver.

Title: The Last Namsara

Author: Kristen Ciccarelli

Publication Date: 3rd October 2017

Page Count: 416 Pages

Rating: 5*

Quote: ‘A Sound split the night in two, joining with Asha’s sobs. A low keening wail. A dragon song for the dead.’



Asha is certain of her destiny. When she betrayed her entire kingdom as a child, subsequently killing her mother in the process, her father set her a task to redeem herself. She would become the Iskari, the dragon slayer who would free their kingdom of the monsters who were once their closest companions.

But when Asha is visited by The Last Namsara, who brings her gifts from The Old One. But the gifts come with a price, Asha must go against everything she believed to be true, work with a slave boy and protect a dragon in order to free her kingdom and herself.


I adored this book so much! Although it’s over 400 Pages it really didn’t feel like it and it only took me 3 hours to read from start to finish!

Asha is such a great character, she is so fierce and wild and determined but as the novel progresses we get to see a much more compassionate side to her that has been buried beneath the monster she was made into.

I love the dragons too, Anything with dragons usually has me hooked and this was no exception, I loved the feelings between them and more than once they brought a tear to my eye! Asha and the dragons are very similar with their tough exteriors and soft interiors I loved that connection!

Most of the supporting characters were excellent too, Asha’s betrothed Jarek reminded me a lot of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and I hated him! But he did make a fantastic villain I can’t deny that!

The story has some great twists and I warn you to start this book early because you won’t be able to put it down and like me will be very tired for work the next day!


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