Faking Friends by Jane Fallon. Review

Thank you to Netgalley, Penguin and Jane Fallon for my ARC of Faking Friends. Amy has finally got it together, she has a strong friendship with Melissa who she has known since she was 11, she’s engaged to Jack who she loves and lives with, and she’s finally got an acting job which is more than just ‘woman in the park’ or ‘woman with dog’. Everything is perfect, that is until she arrives home on a surprise visit, to find Another woman’s stuff in her flat, and there’s something familiar about the clothes and jewellery in the flat. They belong to Melissa.

Amy is understandably devastated but as she begins to pick up the pieces of her life, she realises that pulling theirs apart is even better.

At first I thought to myself that as Amy finds out about the betrayal in the first chapter, how is there going to be a full novel of this? I expected it to be a boring story about a woman getting back on the dating scene or something, but it is nothing like that. It’s all about the brilliant revenge that Amy enacts on Melissa and Jack and all without their knowledge. It’s a fantastic premise and I absolutely loved it!

All of the characters were great, Amy is so likeable and easy to feel sorry for, she is the wronged woman and she’s genuinely nice which obviously makes you hate Melissa and Jack. Then as you find out more about Melissa and the turns their ‘friendship’ has taken over the years, the more reasons you have to hate her even more. She is literally that horrible toxic friend who has no business being friends with anyone. It was great to see the revenge enacted on her. I was rooting for Amy from day one.

I really enjoyed Faking Friends and I’ll be adding more of Jane Fallon’s books to my TBR as a result.


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