The Girl You Lost by Kathryn Croft. Review

Wow! Kathryn Croft is seriously killing it in the thriller genre at the moment. If this genre was a country then she would reign queen!

I first discovered Kathryn when I read While You Were Sleeping, having seriously enjoyed it, I jumped at the chance to read another of her books; The Stranger Within and it just went from there, I’ve read all of her books now except for The Girl With No Past which I’m going to read next.

The Girl You Lost like all of Kathryn’s novels is a thriller with an incredible twist. Matt and Simone are still at university when they unexpectedly find themselves with a baby. But desperate to make it work, they rent a crummy flat and live with their love for each other, and get by on support from Matt’s Mum Miriam. But one day when Miriam is walking baby Helena in the park, she gets sick, and when her back is turned for a moment, Helena is stolen.

18 years later, Simone is confronted by a young woman called Grace. Grace tells Simone that she believes she is her long lost daughter. Bewildered but desperate to believe, Simone takes Grace Home to meet Matt, but the next morning Grace has disappeared and with no way of contacting her, Simone embarks on a rescue mission which puts her in grave danger.

Just as thrilling as her other books, Kathryn takes the reader on a fast paced, unputdownable, page turning, reading experience and the twist will bowl you over. Unforgettable.


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