The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. Review

Falling into the category of High or Epic Fantasy, Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself is the first book in the trilogy The First Law. Juxtaposing between the perspectives of several characters it does become a little confusing at times as you try to get to know the characters as well as taking in all the world building. However, I have high hopes for the rest of the series now that we know who everyone is and a bit about the world that Joe Abercrombie has created.

Logen Ninefingers is a Northman, a named man known as the Bloody-Nine, after a fall out with a chieftain he now travels around the North with a band of other rebels fighting the ‘Shanka’.

Sand Dan Glokta was the fencing champion of the union but after going to war and being captured by the Emperor and duly tortured, he is now a crippled former shell of himself, employed as the King’s Inquisitor and turned torturer himself.

Jezel is the new champion, and thinks himself privileged and above his friend West because he is a nobleman’s son and not a commoner gone good like West.

There are several other characters who I would consider ‘main’ as well but these are the ones whose perspectives we get and who introduce us to the world of The First Law. Like I said, it gets a bit confusing.

Murder, conspiracies, torture, Magic, friendship and hatred pepper the story. Past wars and future wars find themselves with the same players and not everyone is what they seem, who can one be sure of in the play for money and power?


3 thoughts on “The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. Review

    1. Thank you 🙂 I completely understand why you didn’t continue with it, there were moments when I felt like giving up with it because it never seemed to get going, I’ve given it the benefit of the doubt but if Book 2 isn’t action packed I’ll be disappointed!

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