Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor. Review

As a rule I’m not a huge fan of short stories or novellas. But as far as I’m concerned Lips Touch Three Times is one of the best set of stories I have ever read. Better even than some of the full novels I’ve read!

Starting with Goblin Fruit Laini Taylor takes us on a Journey with a girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful, dark and mysterious. But the goblins do. And the goblins are watching, waiting for the right moment to pluck her like a juicy piece of fruit.

Spicy Little Curses sees a demon and an ambassador to Hell, squabble over a terrible curse and hundreds of lives at stake, but will true love save the day?

Finally, in my personal favourite, and the longest story in the book, Hatchling takes the reader on a journey to Russia and the soulless Druj, one in particular who is desperate to restore his mortality.

All three stories were unputdownable. Mysterious, interesting and thought provoking, not to mention one of best writing styles I’ve ever come across, consistent as always with Laini Taylor’s writing, she really is something else!


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