Contagion by Teri Terry. Review

Contagion is the first book in Teri Terry’s new series; Dark Matter. I’ve loved Teri’s unique, dystopian novels since I first read Slated in 2013 and that love has continued to grow with each book that has followed.

Callie is missing, her brother Kai has given up any hope of finding her, that is until Shay turns up to tell him that she saw Callie on the day of her disappearance.Then a terrifying epidemic rages across the country and Shay and Kai are racing against time to find the source and save themselves and the rest of humanity.

Contagion is a little bit different to Teri’s other novels in that it is not exactly dystopian. It is from what I could tell, set in modern day but with a science fiction twist and I really liked it. Not only was it a great storyline and a fantastic opening to a promising new series but it showed that Teri is not a one trick pony (is that the right term??) not That I ever suspected she was but it’s good to see your favourite authors succeeding in more than one genre.

Im really looking forward to seeing what happens next!


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