Recommended Reads This Halloween 

I don’t read a lot of horror/ghost stories as a rule because I’m a chicken. But… I do read some, if they pique my interest enough and I do love Halloweeen! So, I thought I’d a do a post on recommended reads over the Halloween season, I did one last year which you can read here:

I’ve tried to keep it fresh by recommending some different books to what I did last year, however, if you’d like more inspiration you can also look at last years as well. These ones are based on Books Ive read in the past year. 

Arthur Kipps is an up and coming young solicitor who is sent to a marshy Village in —shire to put into order the affairs of an old lady called Mrs Alice Drablow who lived at Eel Marsh House. When he arrives he experiences several ghostly manifestations and visits and learns of the horror that stalks the house, Village and anyone associated with it. Full review here:

The famous ghost hunter Harry Price has reunited with his Assistant Sarah Grey to investigate strange goings on and ghostly visitations at an abandoned and forgotten village. Once a thriving village it was taken from the villagers during the war to accommodate soldiers and a training camp but now the villagers alive and dead want it back. Full review here:

David misses his dead mother terribly, the only things that give him comfort are his books. But now the books are whispering dark things to him in the night. Fantasy and reality have merged and David doesn’t know how to seperate them anymore. Particularly with the arrival of the Crooked Man, a sinister and frightening character. Don’t be mislead into thinking this book if for children. It’s definitely not. Full review here:

This is a modern day sequel or spin off of The Phantom of the Opera. A private school hidden away in the woods near France. A merciless killer out for revenge, a magical connection which forces Dark choices and dastardly deeds. Full review here:

Merricat Blackwell lives with her uncle and sister in the house where her family were murdered with arsenic poison. Her sister Constance was acquitted of the murders and now Merricat protects her from the villagers who hate her. Live goes on until the arrival of cousin Charles and the secrets he risks uncovering. 

In Victorian England Nathaniel decides to become a mad doctor (psychiatrist) and goes to work in an old asylum; Crakethorn where he meets the mysterious patient Mrs Harleston. Her husband has accused her of hysterical delusions which she denies. Nathaniel becomes increasingly obsessed by her and finds himself caught up in a world of seances and mesmerism. Full review here:


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