The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. Review. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like being scared. Despite this, a few years ago I watched The Woman in Black because I figured something with a 12 rating couldn’t scare a 20+ year old woman. Wrong. But despite being scared witless I really wanted to try the book. Which I have now finally done! 

I really enjoyed The Woman in Black it’s a fairly short novel only 200 pages long but it’s 200 pages of white knuckle fear, or at least it was for the biggest scaredy cat in the world (me). 

Arthur Kipps is a young solicitor, sent to out into the countryside to a small town surrounded by marshes, to attend the funeral of an old client’s death. The town is shrouded in mystery and nobody seems to want to talk about the deceased Mrs Drablow or her weird old house only accessed at low tide. And when Arthur spots a curious looking woman dressed in black at the funeral he finds the townsfolk shutter up even more. Cue weird experiences and ghostly goings on when he goes over Mrs Drablow’s house; Eel Marsh House. 

I found the book to be both interesting and scary. Which I think is the best kind of horror. I have no interest in gore, aliens, etc. But I do like a ghost story which troubles you and causes a psychological reaction, The Woman in Black successfully achieves this, with a mystery at the centre of the hauntings. Susan Hill’s description of her narrator’s terror, told in a first person narrative is utterly believeable because it is exactly the kind of fear we have all experienced. 

Spine tingley good, I just hope I can sleep tonight! 


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