Non Bookish (sort of) Nostaligia 

So tonight, I read the sequel to my favourite ever book The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle. I listened to the song from the movie while I read it and I’m not ashamed to say it made me cry to return to that world and revisit the characters and the heartache and of course the nostalgia! 

So it got me thinking about other books I love that I actually saw the film first and how much they meant to me growing up. I’m sure all of us can relate to those few movies and books which still bring a tear to our eye. That made us feel so alive growing up like we could do anything, and those connections we had with characters. So I decided to list a few of my favourites here which really taught me about emotions and that the world was actually a much bigger place than the street I played on. 

The Last Unicorn, animated film and short novel by Peter S Beagle 

The Secret Garden, film, and novel by Frances Hodgson-Burnett 

Fairytale A True Story, film, I think this was a book also but I’ve never been able to find it. 

The Neverending Story, film, and book by Michael Ende 

And finally, although it’s not a children’s book or film, it’s one that makes me nostalgic for my late teens and early 20s. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, film and book by Truman Capote 


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