The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz. Review 

I first came across Anthony Horowitz when I worked in a school library a number of years ago. Of course this was through his Alex Rider novels as they were pretty much the only books I ever saw teenage boys checking out! But up to now I haven’t actually read anything he’s written. I do own House of Silk and Moriarty but I haven’t got round to reading them yet, only because I read my kindle books in alphabetical order by author and I haven’t yet reached the ‘H’ part. So The Word is Murder is my first Anthony Horowitz novel. Therefore I had no preconceived ideas of what to expect when I was sent an ARC (many thanks to Cornerstone). 

This novel was completely surreal (but in a good way) it is basically a novel about a novel being researched and written, the starring role belong to Anthony Horowitz himself! Anthony is approached by an ex police detective Daniel Hawthorne to write a true crime book about a murder he has been called on to investigate as a consultant. 

Horowitz doesn’t like Hawthorne and in fact doesn’t want to write with him either. Especially as Hawthorne insists on calling him ‘Tony’ and ‘mate’ and criticises everything he writes. But he’s drawn in by the mystery of the murder of Diana Cowper mother of famous actor Damian Cowper. What makes it weirdest of all is that she arranged her own funeral the same day. 

The line between fact and fiction is so blurred that I actually had to google whether or not it was true! It’s definitely encouraged me to read more of Anthony Horowitz’s writing. The plot was enjoyable and intriguing, made more so by it’s pure unusualness. To insert oneself into your own novel is a brace and difficult thing and I feel that Anthony Horowitz achieved it brilliantly. Not to mention that as a budding author myself it included some great writing tips! A perfect detective novel in a unique style complete with an excellent twist! 


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