Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. Review 

I have a confession to make… I love stories about the English Monarchy. I’m a royalist through and through, I love the fact that I as an Englishwoman have a Monarch, I don’t care that they’re mostly seen as being ‘for show’ and I find the history of the royal line absolutely fascinating. So in short, Victoria is right up my street. 

I watched the TV series which accompanies this novel and absolutely loved it, the relationship between Victoria and Albert was played so beautifully and I instantly bought the book. But as always it’s taken me a while to get to it. I also really enjoyed Daisy Goodwin’s novel My Last Duchess so felt complete confidence in her as an author to write Victoria’s story well. 

My penchant has mostly always been for the Tudors and my knowledge of Victoria has only really stretched to knowing about Victorian times, and that was learnt from Charles Dickens. So this novel was really insightful, learning about her early life, the fact she ascended the throne at such a young age without really any idea about politics or running a country. The battles in her romantic life, I guess I’d always thought her and Albert just a done deal but to discover that in fact there were other people involved was fascinating. 

The novel from start to finish is wonderful, I once watched a programme about Monarchs presented by Lucy Worsley and she played a character sort of spying, part of each event and I felt the same when reading this book, I was there as Victoria felt her passions, shed her tears and struggled to engage with a society and a public, even a position she didn’t really understand. I admire her greatly for that. What an amazing woman!

I would recommend this for anyone whether you usually like historical novels or not. 


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