The Friend by Dorothy Koomson. Review 

Wowee what a rollercoaster of a novel! I first got into Dorothy Koomson’s books when I watched the mini series The Ice Cream Girls on tv and of course read the book. Thank you to Cornerstone Publishing for the opportunity to read Dorothy’s latest novel The Friend. 

Cece moves to Brighton for her husband, she gives up her own job, takes the kids out of school and moves there for his promotion. Immediately there is resentment, her towards him for making them move when they didn’t want to, and him because he sees her life as luxurious now that she’s not out earning money. Cece is also worried because the posh private school Plummer Prep where they’ve installed their twins Ore and Oscar is the scene of a grizzly attempted murder of local ‘alpha mum’ Yvonne Whidmore. 

Meanwhile, Yvonne’s three best friends are acting shifty. Maxie, Anaya and Hazel all have something to hide from the world. They’re wrapped up in their secrets and the fact that Yvonne was always digging into their backgrounds means they all have a motive for what happened to her that night. Especially as they were the last ones to see her alive. 

Cece is thrown in right into the middle of it when an unexpected blast from the past gets involved. 

This novel is a real page turner. It’s a hefty book with the hardback having 460+ pages but reading it is a dream. Dorothy Koomson writes very well and really does keep you guessing. None of the characters I’d considered as the attempted murderer were right. Not the mention the writing itself is beautiful and really draws you into the story. It really does pose the question how well do you really know the people around you, the ones you think are your friends? 

The answer? You really don’t. As with The Ice Cream Girls Dorothy Koomson delivers a selection of highly sensitive issues with obvious care and consideration providing well researched and emotionally provoking contemporary mysteries. 

For fans of Lianne Moriarty and Nicola Moriarty. 


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