Game of Thrones Tag!! 

Thank you to the lovely Jessica and Christeena over at Game of Tomes for tagging me, you can see their video here:

So in honour of the return of GoT next week here we gooooo! 

1) How did you discover the series/books?
I actually watched the series first, my auntie recommended it to me and after watching the first season I started the books. 

2) Who is your all-time favorite character?

My favourite, cliche as it is has to be Jon Snow. Not just because I fancy Kit Harrington (which I do) but because Jon for me, is the only inherently good character. He is the only one who isn’t completely out for himself. 

3) Who is your favorite side character?

I really love Varys he’s so funny! 

4) If you could magically resurrect a character by sacrificing another character, who would you sacrifice and who would you bring back?

I would bring back Rob Stark in exchange for Mellisandre no questions asked!! 

5) You’re a person of the Night’s Watch, who would you break your oath of chastity for? 

Definitely Jon!! 

6) Dragon or Direwolf? Which would you rather have by your side?

Dragons would probably be better in a fight but as I’m a Northerner a Direwolf would be my natural companion. 

7) Which character would you most like to portray on television?

Ygritte because aside from the whole dying thing, she gets to be naughty with Jon Snow! 

8) What is your favorite moment of the books/series?

God this is so hard because the books and the series are literally so tragic and there’s so much heartache that while I’m absolutely addicted to both I can’t say that I can have a ‘favourite’ bit because it feels so wrong! I guess if I had to pick it would probably be when Daenerys steps out of the fire. She’s just such a powerful figure with the baby dragons, she kicks ass. 

9) Who do you think deserves to sit on the Iron Throne by the end of the series?

Jon, or Tyrion! 

10) What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming book/season? 

If this next book ever materialises (pull your finger out George!) I guess I’m looking forward to Daenerys returning to Westeros and hoping that all the Starks get reunited (aside from the dead ones of course). 

Thanks again guys for tagging me, this was the perfect refresher ready for the start of the series on Monday! 


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