The Windsinger by William Nicholson. Review 

Well this sure takes me back. The Windsinger is the first novel in the trilogy titled ‘Winds on Fire’ and it was one of my favourite books growing up. I must have read it when I was around 9-10 years old and I absolutely loved it. I’ve indulged in a little nostalgia these past few months and bought a lot of the books I loved as a child so that I could enjoy them all over again. 

The Windsinger is one of those books which is both a children’s book and a YA book. Set in the fictional city of Aramanth it is more alternative world than dystopian world. The Manth people live in a city where everyone is supposed to be equal. This is because they are all given an equal chance to pass the same exams and ‘work harder, aim higher, make tomorrow better than today etc etc for the love of their Emperor.’ But it’s not really equal, each member of your family has a rating and together this adds up to a family rating. The higher it is, the higher you rise, the lower it is, the lower you fall. One day you’re high up in Scarlet and the next your sharing a room in a tower block housing 300+ people in Grey. 

But the Hanth family feel differently and spurred on by their parent’s active rebellion and by a chance meeting with an important if petrified figure, twins Kestrel and Bowman set off on a terrifying journey to free the city of its bonds and the distressingly terrible enemy that awaits them. 

Don’t get me wrong this is a simple book aimed at someone much younger than my 27 years, however, I still found it just as delightful possibly because the nostalgia was just so good. The characters are simple and likeable and that kind of makes it for me. There’s nothing overly complex just the perfect adventure and saving the world by two kids. These are the types of novels which all children should read to introduce them to the world of fantasy writing. 

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