Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. Review 

‘There are days when I feel so lightly connected to the earth that the threads that tether me to the planet are gossamer thin, spun sugar.’

I kept seeing this book popping up everywhere but for some reason, potentially the title it gave me the feeling it was going to be a children’s book, even though I actually knew it wasn’t one. Just something about it, maybe I was judging a book by its cover (naughty) but I really didn’t fancy it. Then Netgalley sent me an email about it and I thought why the heck not? Let’s see what everyone’s raving about. My, my, my am I glad I did! 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is the debut novel from Gail Honeyman and the main character Eleanor Oliphant is best described as a mix between Jane Eyre and Sheldon Cooper. Eleanor lives a life which basically involves working in an office, eating a meal deal for lunch each day, listening to The Archers and reading books about anything. She has no friends and her only conversation is with her ‘mummy’ every week on a Wednesday. 

This story held me, it drew me in and kept me there and I couldn’t pull myself away until I’d finished it. Eleanor was, despite her oddities extremely likeable and it was all to easy to empathise with her situation while desperately trying to work out how she got there. There’s plenty of clues along the way and it all comes together in the end but getting there is done in such a way that we watch Eleanor unfold like a crushed  flower still desperately trying to open. 

This is not a sad book, but neither is it a happy one, what it is is interesting from start to finish and so like real life, it makes you question your very existence, the way you treat other people and the small things that seemingly mean nothing but can really turn someone’s life around for the better. What a truly amazing book! 

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