The Break by Marian Keyes. Review 

Marian Keyes is back with another hilarious, touching and heat warming tale straight from Dublin. 

Amy has a wonderful life. An ordinary life but it’s one she appreciates. She has a job doing what she loves (even if it doesn’t always pay great), 2 and a bit daughters and a lovely husband Hugh who saved her from the crap she had put up with in her first marriage. Everything’s going just great, until Hugh decides he wants to go on a break. Alone. For 6 months, to sleep with other women and go on a mission of ‘self discovery’. Amy is devastated as her life is turned upside down in a heartbeat and she has to begin making a self discovery of her own. 

As I’ve come to expect from Marian’s novels, the story is told in a humorous way but the subject matter is serious and covers topics from mid life crisis’, to Alzheimer’s and even vlogging. In typical Marian style, the family unit while full of problems have a strong bond and it’s easy to relate to the squabbles and difficulties of an ordinary family. I think this is the thing I like about Marian’s novels the most, that she can make the ordinary seem extraordinary. 

And sometimes, like with this one she makes you question if the happy ending was the happy ending you wanted after all! 

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