Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Review 

Where to even begin with this rich, exciting, beautifully written, soul tearing book? Well I think you get the drift from that! 

Outlander is one of those books or should I say series which has been on my tbr for a while but to be honest I was put off by its length. Coming in at over 900 pages it’s a hefty one and my thought has always been, why read one long book when you can read 10 small ones? 

Plus it’s taken me extra long to read because it’s been my birthday, and also a big event at work so I haven’t had as much time as I’d have liked on my hands to read it. But was it worth it? Hell yes! 

I absolutely loved Outlander it is a story of a young woman called Claire who has gone on a trip with her husband Frank to the highlands of Scotland so that he can research his family tree. This is post World War Two and Claire has been working in the hospital as a nurse. Through this she has become interested in medicinal plants and their usage. One day while investigating a set of stone circles not unlike Stonehenge she is hurtled back through time to Scotland 1743 and meets Jamie, then her life changes forever. 

The romance in this novel is strife with pain and suffering, indecision and risk taking but my god is it passionate and is it true? It is so beautifully written and so well put together that it’s really hard to describe! 

I’ve been lost in this novel for a week, I’ve wandered the Highlands of Scotland, had a blazing love affair, laughed and joked with the characters and cried at their pain. And that’s enough to set out a good novel from the rest, because when one is this good, you feel it as you become interwoven with the story itself. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! 

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