Parting Shot by Linwood Barclay. Review 

I honestly thought I’d seen the last of Promise Falls after The Twenty-Three after all it was called a trilogy. So imagine my pleasure at discovering that the new Linwood Barclay novel Parting Shot was the fourth book in the series. 

I love Barclay’s way of writing, he has a way with prose that is just incredible. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of crime writers I love but not as many who write with such panache. His ability to weave an unforgettable story of heinous crime in a tiny town in a half forgotten part of Massachusetts is frankly incredible. 

Following the events of the first three novels in the series, the citizens of Promise Falls are trying to get their lives back together. Hit by a series of terrible tragedies they just don’t want anymore trouble. Cal Weaver, private detective is asked to look after a young man, who narrowly escaped prison after killing a young girl in a drink driving incident. Detective Barry Duckworth meanwhile is trying his best to find out why another seemingly innocent young man has been the victim of an unexplainable crime, and he’s not buying the guy’s own explanation that he was abducted by aliens. In fact it’s beginning to look like there might be a vigilante on the loose. 

The story is set at a nice pace and allows the reader to unravel the mystery along with the good guys in the book. It’s not an ‘everyone is under suspicion’ type of novel but more like trying to put together a jigsaw, as the first pieces go into place, the more it makes sense where the other pieces belong, until finally you have the whole picture. 

It’s been left open enough for another sequel and I’m really hoping that is the case as I’m already desperate to return to Promise Falls! 

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