If You Dare by Erica Spindler. Review. 

I nearly didn’t read this. I love Erica Spindler and followed her crime/thriller novels. When I read the first book in this series The Final Seven I didn’t particularly enjoy it. In fact I left a review saying as much. The reason for this I think is because I approached it all wrong. I was expecting more of the usual fast paced crime thriller and instead ended up being introduced to some kind of supernatural/urban fantasy story that was totally unexpected. It was this lack of preparation that kind of ruined it for me. It was for this reason that I swore off reading anymore in this series. 
However, I decided to give it another shot and I’m really glad that I did. Knowing what to expect this time I found it much more enjoyable. I liked the characters of Micki and Zach much more in this book, they were more natural and less in your face. 
The storyline was much better too, a lot more history about the light keepers and what happened at the end of Final Seven. I think after this I’ll definitely pick up this series again and return to my love of Erica’s novels.


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