Ink by Alice Broadway. Review. 

I really loved the idea of this novel after my friend Anni mentioned it on her Booktube channel, you can see the video here:

Because I’m a big lover of tattoos (I have 27 myself) so of course the premise of a dystopian community who map out their lives on their skin using tattoos and then turn them into ‘skin books’ which their families can then read in order to remember their dead. 

Leora is a young girl on the verge of leaving school and deciding on her future career. It’s around this time that her father dies and her whole world as she knows it is turned upside down. 

I absolutely loved this book! The ideas were brilliantly created I really liked the whole premise and I loved that the main character Leora wanted to be an ‘inker’. The novel is a really great opener for a series and (although I have nothing against tropes) this book didn’t have any tropes so it will satisfy the masses who hate them! 

It’s really set up to be a great series, there was the perfect amount of world building and I really like all the characters, they all have incredible depth and the quality of never being what they seem! 

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and see what happens to the characters next! 

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