Select by Marit Weisenberg. Review 

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and Marit Weisenberg for my advanced copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Select was granted to me in a Netgalley wish and frankly it was right up my street. 

Julia comes from a race of highly evolved humans who are trying desperately to fit in and stay under the radar, but the thing is they’re just too noticeable. A little bit too beautiful, a little bit too smart, a little bit too dangerous… but something weird is going on in Julia’s perfect world, she has abilities which she wasn’t supposed to keep, her father, the leader of their race is keeping dark secrets and humans are going insane around him. But when she’s banished to ‘normal’ school she meets John and everything she ever believed in is turned on its head. 

I really liked this novel, the pace was kind of slow but it worked for it to be like that, it didn’t feel too slow it just wasn’t speeding by full throttle and that was the pace which suited it. Julia was a likeable character, on the edge and not typically gorgeous like the rest of them. And I really liked John he was a great human! I hated Liv her sister who was just the weakest, brain washed self centred b*tch! 

I loved the concept it is as far as I’m aware a completely original one and I love that the story has been left open for a sequel! 

The mix of Sci-fi and real life was done really well and frankly there just isn’t enough sci-fi YA on the market which for me is one of the main things that sets this book above the rest. Nothing was revealed too quickly but that just made you want to read it even more to find out what happens next. An easy 5* from me for this one! 

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