GeekGear World of Wizardry Unboxing June 2017 

I’m back with another unboxing! I’m going to be sticking with fairyloot going forward but now and again I’d like to get different boxes just to give them a try, I unfortunately can’t afford to be getting lots of boxes every month much as I’d love to! 

So today’s unboxing is for the GeekGear World of Wizardry box and it’s the first one I’ve had from them. I’m really impressed with it! Disclaimer: spoilers ahead, if you haven’t received your World of Wizardry box for June 2017 then read no further! 

For those of you who haven’t had this box before, you basically choose your Hogwarts house (in my case Ravenclaw) and the items in your box are based around that house. The box retails at £19.99 per month and can be found here: you’re also guaranteed at least one item of clothing each box. 

So this month (June) started off with this gorgeous house t shirt, mine of course being for Ravenclaw. 

Next up and my favourite item in the whole box is this stunning scarf with all the house badges on it! 

I love this limited edition Hagrid and Buckbeak pin which is sooooo cute! I was really lucky as well and got one of the ones of which there were only 50 made! 

There’s also this super cute ‘lightning bolt scar’ necklace, which I’m not sure I’ll wear but I’ve hung it on my bookshelf with my HP books and it looks great there 🙂 

There’s a flying car too! It goes on a little transparent stand which makes it look like it’s actually flying and it goes really well with my HP pop figures! 

The Harry Potter themed playing cards are another of my favourite things in this box I’m really impressed with them, they’re all dark and spooky looking! 

Finally there’s this gorgeous print of a dragon shooting out of the Goblet of Fire which is taking pride of place on the side of my shelves where I keep prints. 

Overall I think this a great box, it doesn’t have a book of course but it does have lots of book themed goodies for the big HP fans like myself. It’s without a doubt worth the money with 2 clothing items plus the other goodies. Really impressed! 

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