Fairyloot Unboxing June 2017 

Welcome to my first ever Fairyloot unboxing blog post! Previously, I used to do my unboxings on my Booktube channel and you can watch my May unboxing here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NSgzlkqo1hY 

But since I’ve decided to leave Booktube (you can read my blog about that here: https://t.co/VcufLprunt) I thought it would be a great idea to do my unboxings on here instead. 

Warning: this post contains spoilers of June’s Fairyloot box. If you’ve not received your June box yet. Read no further! 

Fairyloot delivery day is such an exciting time it’s like a birthday or Christmas but once a month. It retails at £32.95 including postage and they also deliver internationally although I’m unsure if the price varies. You can order Fairyloot here: https://www.fairyloot.com/

So without further ado, let’s have a look what was in the box this month! 

First up was this lovely candle from Witchwood Remedies. It’s a vegan soy candle and has a crystal in it which corresponds with the book of the month. In all honesty it’s very pretty but I can’t really say that I like the smell! It’s something like Bergamot I think. Anyway this candles name is Twister. 

Next up and the one I was most excited about receiving in this months box is this amazing cushion cover from Miss Phi with a quote from Stephen King ‘books are a uniquely portable magic’  I love the colours and the writing is beautiful! 

I’m completely in love with this Clairvoyance soap from Ascent Bath & Body.  It has Shea butter, charcoal and coconut in it and it smells amazing! The scent is fig and pomegranate. Also, it’s black and has glitter so it’s amazing just for that alone. Again the wrapper has amazing colours as well! 

The free book sampler this month is The Waking Land by Callie Bates. I actually got an ARC of this book in May’s Illumicrate though but it looks to be a great book so if you didn’t get the ARC the sampler will be pretty cool! The premise is that an adopted daughter of a king is accused of murdering him and has to flee back to her homeland a place of magic and mystery. She then has to lead a war against the kingdom she once pledged allegiance to. 

These sticky notes are awesome particularly for any fans of Harry Potter or other magical themed books. They come in a selection of purple, blue and yellow and they’re too cute to use in all honesty! These were made by Fairyloot themselves. 

We were promised an item which related to The Last Airbender and I was really excited about that, so a bit disappointed with what it actually was and also that unfortunately I can’t use it due to it containing almond, (I’m severely allergic to nuts). So if I had to choose my least favourite item in the box it would be this The Last Airbender lip balm. Although, I’m sure a lip balm is a cool item if you can use it! This is from Geeky Clean. 

Two more to go and then we’re at the Book! This lovely postcard which features a quote from Frostblood by Ella Blake. 

Finally, for the none bookish items is this cute bracelet designed by In the Moment which features a Hansa Hand. It’s so sweet and delicate I really like it! 

And now for the book! Drum roll please… 

I was really ecstatically pleased to receive Roar by Cora Carmack along with a signed bookplate and a letter introducing the book from the author. This is a book truly about elementals which was the theme of this month’s Fairyloot and has everything from arranged marriage to controlling storms. I’m excited to begin reading this soon! 


Another fantastic monthly box from Fairyloot! Check back here in a month’s time to see what the July box has to offer. 


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