Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. Review. 

I’ve been so excited to start reading this book for ages now but with everything else on my tbr it took me so long to get round to it that I decided a couple more months wouldn’t hurt in order to wait for the sequel Lord of Shadows to come out. I guess a big part of me was also afraid about reading this novel. I loved TMI so much, loved Jace and Clary and Simon and Isabelle and Alec and Magnus. I loved the extra tastes of their story that I got in the The Bane Chronicles and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. I also loved TID because it was so different, set in the past and telling the history of some of the characters from TMI as well as filling in the gaps and answering questions that TMI didn’t. For reference if you’ve never read either series then I would read them in the order TMI followed by TID. 

Anyway much as I’d love to talk more about Shadowhunters I’m going to have to get back to this series or we’ll be here all day! TDI follows the characters of Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn. Best friends since forever, they have sworn to support each other in the closest way any Shadowhunter can, by becoming parabatai a connection which binds their souls together, they can feel each other’s pain, fear, emotions and most of all they must never, ever fall in love. Parabatai who fall in love are breaking the law and if discovered by The Clave (the government of sorts) they will be stripped of their marks and cast out of the community I.e not allowed to be shadowhunters anymore. But the problem is, they’re beginning to feel things for each other that they really shouldn’t be feeling. 

To top it off, something weird is happening in their area of Los Angeles. Mundanes (humans) and fairies are being murdered and the Carstairs and Blackthorns are roped into hunting down the killer and finding out what’s going on before one of them is hurt or worse. 

My fear was unfounded, it took about 100 pages and I was suddenly swept back into the Shadowhunter world as if I’d never left it. I loved the cameo appearances from Jace and Clary and I enjoyed getting to know the new characters who were children in the first series. The love story is never going to be the same as Jace and Clary’s but it is just as great in a different way, as for the ending it left me flabbergasted and also secretly glad that I waited for Lord of Shadows because now I can dive straight back in and find out what happens next! I also have to applaud Cassandra Clare’s handling of autism in this book, I thought it was well done, well explained and without prejudice. 

Now I’m off to read Lord of Shadows! Check back here for a spoiler free review of that one in the next couple of days. 


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