Godblind by Anna Stephens. Review 

Godblind is the debut novel from Anna Stephens, published by Harper Voyager. It falls into the genre of Epic Fantasy and epic is the perfect way to describe it. 

It has been centuries since the Red Gods and there bloodshed were exiled, their people the Mireces have fled into the mountains to worship in mostly silence with the odd raid of outlying villages to capture slaves. Their lives are ruthless, lived in long houses and dependant on the sacrifices demanded by The Blessed One, a priestess with a direct line to the brutal Dark Lady and her brother Gosfarth. 

Meanwhile the good guys of the story over in Rilpor worship the two nice gods, The Dancer and her son the Fox God. Crys is a soldier who has befriended a prince, Dom is the Calestar, adopted son of the high priestess of the Dancer and like The Blessed One he is spoken to by his gods. Rillirin, an escaped slave brings news of an invasion by the Mireces and everyone’s lives change forever. 

The novel is brutal and violent. The Red Gods and their follower’s lust for blood and violence creates some unpleasant scenes but if you can cope with Game of Thrones you can cope with this. Godblind is heavy on the war as well and around 60% of the novel is focused on battle. There’s a good mix of betrayal, feistiness, and love thrown in there too though. Oh yeah and a evil, despicable prince in the mix, what more could you ask for? 

The novel is well written and interesting, the world building and character building are both done well, readers of my previous reviews will know I find this very important. I found that I felt more like I watched events unfold rather than being immersed in them, but I always feel like that when reading Epic Fantasy so it’s not a criticism, I found LoTR and GoT to be the same and I really enjoyed both of those. 

Overall this is a promising series and I’m looking forward to reading the next instalments! 

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