Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. Review 

‘They were so nearly unchanged, and yet that one thing – the colour of their skin – would, in the real world, change everything.’

Holy smokes, a book hasn’t made me feel this way for so long! I can’t even… it’s actually really hard to write this right now, but I feel that if I wait I’ll lose the magic of how this book has reached inside me and ragged my soul around. 

Laini Taylor is nothing short of the Goddess of Writing Fantasy. I love Dreams of Gods & Monsters but Strange the Dreamer is something else entirely. 

Where to even start? A plot summary I guess. Lazlo Strange is brought up in a monastery after he is made an orphan of war, bewitched by tales of an Unseen City out in the desert, lost to everyone, Lazlo moves on to work in the Great Library where he can dream (and research) about the city of Weep and plan his venture out there. 

But when some strangers come to town, Lazlo’s dream becomes a reality as he sets off to the city he has longed to visit, and he’s part of a team that plans to save it. 

Meanwhile Sarai is one of five Godspawn remaining in an abandoned citadel. Blue skinned and beautiful she is trapped not only by her fear of humans but by her ruthless sister who controls not only her siblings but the dead as well. 

The story stinks of magic, but magic like never before. It weaves its threads through every page, with each paragraph of beautiful language. There is the magic of spells, ‘gifts’, strange beasts and horror, intertwined with the magic of dreaming and true love. 

Not to mention, not one, but two enormous twists at the end. Half of me feels horrendous for reading this book already because I NEED THE SECOND ONE ALREADY!!!! I actually feel like I don’t know how I’ll live without reading the sequel like right now! 

Even though as the reader you begin to guess some of the things that are going to happen there’s like a huge part of you which is thinking that just can’t be right. But at the same time despite it becoming more and more obvious it is written so well that all you want to do is keep reading so that you can find out the truth. No matter the repercussions, and trust me there are repercussions. There are so many emotions running through me right now. Laini what have you done?? 

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