Moroda by L.L McNeil. Review 

Moroda is L.L McNeil’s debut novel in the epic fantasy genre. It focuses on the character of Moroda, a young girl who has lost her status as a Goldstone after her father dies. To top it off she just got arrested and then a dragon attacked their city. Her only option seems to be escape from the city with an eclectic bunch of people which includes; a sky pirate, a Varkain (scary snake man), two Itallans (shape shifters), an Arillian (guy who can fly and create storm weather) and a member of the Imperial Guard. That’s where the adventure begins. 

As they journey across their world, mayhem and magic abound as Moroda is taken out of her comfort zone and has to learn how to fight, fly an airship and try desperately to defend the ones she loves against the evil Aciel. 

Despite being quite a long book, Moroda is an easy read, the characters are easy to remember and the author creates a world much different to our own and yet one which the reader can get lost in. Even better the book is written well and more importantly, edited well making it a very enjoyable read. 

Moroda sometimes came across as a bit of a weakling but don’t worry if you’re getting that vibe because she wins her badass stripes in the end! 

I really enjoyed the history of the different races/species in this book as well. The ideas were new and well written and character creation was authentic and well imagined, more importantly it was original. I especially liked the Varkain and hope I get to read more about them and their history in upcoming novels in the saga. I also loved Amarah the Sky Pirate she is a super cool badass and it’s nice to see a woman in the position of pirate and hellraiser! 

I loved the background on the dragons as well and the idea of them being gods. Dragons have always fascinated me and it was a very interesting take on their nature and responsibilities to the world they inhabited. 

I can’t wait to read more in this saga and can recommend it to lovers of all fantasy series but particularly if you like books like Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher series.


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