The House by Simon Lelic. Review 

‘When my hand slips from the knife, my first thought is that using it wasn’t as difficult as I assumed it would be. I feel elated, initially, until I notice the blood.’ 

Creepy stuff! The House is the first novel I have read by Simon Lelic and it was a thrilling experience. No pun intended! 
Syd & Jack move into their new house, excited for fresh beginnings. Both come from tough, if very different backgrounds. They’ve saved up, suffering through crummy bedsits and shared accommodation until they’ve finally afforded a place of their own, and despite it being in high demand their offer has been accepted. 

When Jack finds something gruesome in the attic he keeps it from Syd as well as everyone else. Something he’s going to really regret. A nightmare begins. 

When the reader enters the story Syd and Jack are writing down everything that’s happened to them. It’s clear they’ve been keeping secrets from one another and suspense and intrigue build as we, the readers try to work out what exactly has happened. 

There’s a master manipulator at work and this novel builds the suspense making you unsure of who to trust. I really enjoyed this novel and I’m looking forward to reading more from this author! 


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