The Lucky Ones by Mark Edwards. Review 

The Lucky Ones is the second novel by Mark Edwards that I’ve read. I really enjoyed Follow You Home the story of a couple who are traumatised by their experiences on holiday in Eastern Europe. 

The Lucky Ones is a different story completely. Although it keeps to the thriller element but this time it has more of a British Detective novel setting. 

A serial killer is at loose in rural England, in the tiny village where Ben lives with his son Ollie. Two women and a man have been murdered right after they reached their happiest point in life. Detective Imogen Evans has moved from the City of London Police to a more rural setting after the death of a colleague. Now she’s desperate to catch the killer and prove herself. 

The novel is very gripping. I started it one morning and by the evening it was finished, despite being at work all day, I just couldn’t put it down on the bus, on my lunch, in the bath and for the rest of the evening. The characters were easy to remember despite there being quite a few of them, all of them had endearing qualities (apart from the serial killer of course), and the killer was particularly well written. It was only in the last few pages that i started to suspect correctly who the killer was.

Mark Edwards takes the reader on a wild goose chase where there’s literally nobody we can trust. Everyone is a potential suspect and it is so cleverly written that it makes sense for the killer to know everything without giving away who they are.  Interesting back stories are also provided for the killer but again there’s even a twist to that plot too. I won’t say too much more as not to ruin the story or give spoilers but I’ll be recommending this to anyone who loves a good crime thriller! 


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