The Fireside Guides for Grown Ups 

I decided to review these three together on account of them being fairly short. I’ve seen these in a few shops and thought they looked a lot of fun so I requested and was happily granted three of them on Netgalley. 

First up The Fireside Grown Up Guide to the Meeting. 

The meeting was very funny for anyone whose worked in an office. My partner as a business analysts has to attend lots of meetings everyday so it was more funny to him as I read it aloud. I think this book would make a fantastic gift for the office professional in your life. It’s amusing and punctuated with pictures which fit the statements although these weren’t always in line on the kindle version.
Book two is The Fireside Guide to the Mid Life Crisis 

Not quite as funny as The Meeting but still pretty funny. I like how the author has used the pictures to create the little stories and anecdotes. I probably didn’t find it as amusing because I haven’t actually reached middle age but I did recognise a lot of the little scenes/stories as funny cliches. Another enjoyable one which would make a great jokey present for someone hitting middle age head on. 
Finally The Fireside Grown Up Guide to the Hipster: 

Probably the most amusing of the all The Hipster looks at all the modern yet vintage pursuits of the modern day Hipster. Even more satirical than the others this tops it as the number one of the three I’ve read. Very amusing especially again because of the way the anecdotes have been put to the old fashioned pictures. 


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