Reading Challenge 2017 Week 7 

Picking my favourite female author was a toughy I must admit! Although it’s not something I do on purpose, the writers I read are mostly female. 

It wasn’t all that hard though I must admit. Katie Fforde dominates my bookshelves. I’m not kidding. Here’s a photo to prove it! 

Not to mention my kindle being full of all her short stories as well. Katie’s stories are happy stories. That’s the best way to describe them, they’re romantic sure, but they’re more than that too. Her characters are strong, independent women. Feminist women. No they’re not bra burners, nor is the word feminism ever really mentioned from what I can remember. But they are everything a feminist should be. Not to mention they have amazing jobs! 

Here’s some examples: 

  • In Love Letters Laura Horsley gets involved in organising a literary festival when the bookshop she works in closed down. 
  • Sarah in Wedding Season is a wedding planner.
  • Anna in Practically Perfect is an interior designer. 
  • Second Thyme Around’s main character is Perdita who has her own organic gardening business. 
  • Jenny Porter in A Highland Fling is a virtual assistant! Bet you’ve probably never heard of one of those! 
  • Paradise Field’s Nel is organising a farmer’s market while Life Skills’ Julia Fairfax unexpectedly becomes a cook on a boat. 

I could go on but I’m guessing you’re getting the idea that these are pretty cool books! When those that don’t have a job still get involved in really cool things, like restoring paintings or looking after old stately homes. 

Katie has a beautiful way of writing. She draws the reader in and makes them truly root for her characters, characters that you fall in love with and want to be friends with. 

She is and will remain my favourite author indefinitely!  


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