See Me by Nicholas Sparks. Review 

I love Nicholas Sparks books, they’re always enchanting. He has a way of writing which is delicious to read (fellow readers will understand what I mean). 

See Me is a tad different to the other novels I’ve read by Nicholas though. Effectively it starts off with the same sort of premise; Colin has been in trouble with the law in the past, he was heading for a different kind of life until he got a second chance at life. Now he’s channeling his anger with excercise and MMA fighting and studying at college to become a primary school teacher. 

Meanwhile Maria is a 28 year old insurance lawyer trying to make her parents proud of her and all she has achieved. But she’s busy dealing with her boss who’s sexually harassing her. Since splitting with boyfriend Luis she hasn’t been interested in another relationship, until she meets Colin who is the complete opposite of her type. 

The way that this novel is different to the others by this author is that it’s also kind of crime fiction novel as well. Maria is being stalked and nobody knows who it is or what their motive might be. 

It’s hard for love to blossom in an environment where danger is everywhere. Maria’s running scared and not just of her stalker but of Colin too, put under pressure who knows what might trigger the anger and impulsive behaviour he’s tried so hard to control?  

I really enjoyed this one, the thriller element to it made it much more of a page turner and the love story between Maria and Colin was engaging and lovely to read about. 


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