Mind Games by Teri Terry. Review

I love Teri Terry’s books! Ever since I first read Slated when it won the Rotherham Children’s book awards, around the time I was working at a school library in Rotherham. I followed the trilogy excitedly and when I spotted Mind Games at my local library I didn’t hesitate! 

Mind Games is a book which I devoured in literally a few hours despite its size. 

Luna lives in a world where everyone ‘plugs in’ to virtual reality. Except Luna. There’s something different about Luna but the only one who understands is her grandma and everyone thinks she’s crazy. But Lynda’s smart and she’s drawn the attention of more than one party who want to use Luna’s special talents for their own gain. Her grandmother’s warning to ‘trust no one’ never seemed more important than it does now. 

This book is ‘unputdownable’, it is interesting and for me, a brand new form of dystopian fiction, one I’m keen to explore in the future. 

There’s only one other thing I can say; 


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