Reading Challenge 2017 week 4

For week 4 of my 2017 reading challenge I’m looking at a book which was published this year. I decided to go with one of the books I really enjoyed reading last year for review, ready for its publication this January. 

Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land is a thriller like no other. This novel will completely freak you out while also, at the same time allowing you to empathise with the main character. 

The main character Annie/Milly is in a brilliant foster home after her mother was charged with murder and abuse. Her new home is perfect, or would be if it wasn’t for her stupid stuck up foster sister, the ‘real’ daughter of her new parents. All Phoebe seems to want to do is make Milly’s life a misery. 

The story is that of a girl who has been conditioned. Conditioned by a killer, her own mother. She has grown up watching torture and murder and unable to do anything to stop it. However, she’s fighting it. She doesn’t want to turn out like her mother. She tries not to listen to her mothers constantly taunting voice in her head. 

Good Me, Bad Me really takes you through the labyrinth of childhood issues mixed in with the unique twist which continues to keep you guessing throughout. Which way will Milly turn? In the end will she be good me? Or bad me? 


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