The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. Review 

The final book in the Tearling series, The Fate of the Tearling was much anticipated. What would happen to Kelsea? In the last book The Invasion of the Tearling Kelsea had voluntarily given herself up as a prisoner to the evil Red Queen of Mortmesne. 

The Fate of the Tearling picks up here, Kelsea is a prisoner and being taken to a cell in the company of a creepy jailor. Meanwhile The Mace and the rest of the Queen’s guard are trying their best not only to run the Tearling in her absence but also find out a way to get her back. 

The first 85-90% of the novel is amazing. It has the same fast pace as the first two and a fantastic back story equally if not more interesting than the one with Lily. This time it gives the history of the people who first settled in the Tearling town after the crossing. 

It definitely fills in the gaps and history of some of the characters and the motivations for actions, the repercussions of which our favourites can only begin to imagine. 

Unfortunately, the last 10-15% of the book was a disappointment for me. I felt that it was too easy, too simple and overall just a bit devastating. However, it does raise the question. What would you do if you were given that choice? 


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