He Said/She Said By Erin Kelly. Review 

Thriller of the year would be an award that this novel would definitely deserve. What a rollercoaster ride He Said/She Said really is! 

Kit and Laura love chasing eclipses, or at least Kit does and he’s keen to show Laura why they’re magical. 

But something happens while they’re in Cornwall for the 1999 eclipse. The two of them witness more than they bargained for though and it changes their lives. 

The story is introduced years after the events in Cornwall. In 2015 Kit is preparing for a trip to see an eclipse alone as Laura is heavily pregnant and unable to travel. This instantly builds intrigue, there’s an underlying tension and understanding of secrets. Why are they living under assumed names, who are they scared of and what exactly happened during the 1999 eclipse? 

The pieces start to fall into place though as Kit and Laura’s memories from the event and what happened afterwards start to come together. The underlying sense of danger makes this novel a fast page turner and IMPOSSIBLE to put down. 

Tense and twisting this novel is a rocky road which refuses to conform to what you expect. Far from it. When it’s one person’s word against another, who do you believe? 


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