The Girl in the Glass Tower by Elizabeth Fremantle. Review 

It’s a little known fact that I have a deep love for historical fiction particularly about the Tudors. 

The Girl in the Glass Tower is about a little known woman of history, often referred to as the ‘lost queen’. Arbelle Stuart is heir to Elizabeth Tudor’s throne. Living between Chatsworth House and Hardwick Hall, her grandmother Bess of Hardwick prepares her to be a Queen. 

But things don’t always go to plan, religious conflict is rife and not everyone is happy when Elizabeth I changes her mind and names James Stuart of Scotland her heir. 

The story juxtaposes between that of Arbelle in the past and that of of Aemilia Lanyer someone Arbelle once considered a friend. 

Now fallen from grace Ami has been banished from James I court and is living with her illegitimate son Hal in an unsavoury part of town. As she reads Arbelle’s discovered diary she begins to recall their friendship and the events which led to her friend’s death. 

The stories weave well together creating a build up of suspense and intrigue. Living in Derbyshire I’ve always been interested in Bess of Hardwick and this was a very different perspective of her. Although not that different considering she has always been known to be ambitious. 

I found the story to be very engaging and interesting, I’ve definitely garnered an interest in Arbelle and I’ll be looking up her biography to get more information about the ‘lost queen’. 

If you have a love of books by authors like Philippa Gregory or just a general interest in the lost names of history, then you should definitely read this! 


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