Tattletale by Sarah J Naughton. Review 

Tattletale is the debut novel from Sarah J Naughton and falls into the genre of British crime thriller, albeit with an American touch. 

It is not however a detective novel so it was a fresh change. The perspective switches between several people. 

Mags is the sister of Abe but hasn’t seen him for a decade, she’s called back to England from her home in Las Vegas when Abe is injured. 

Jody is Abe’s fiancée and devastated by his accident. 

Mira is Abe and Josh’s neighbour, she knows something about the accident but is frightened by her intimidating husband. 

Alongside the main story told from the perspective of the 3 people above, there is also a back story running about a little girl who is abused. Her identity however isn’t revealed. 

The story is exciting and draws you in immediately, it’s obvious from the start that something isn’t right but it’s not what you think. 

The story hurtles down many different, twisting paths and everything is not what it seems. 

None of the characters are particularly likeable which would usually put me off but instead it actually makes the plot more effective. The only thing I found disappointing was the portrayal of the British Police Force, I’m not sure that a PC would be investigating an accident like that or that so many things would be overlooked but I guess that also makes the story more effective! 

Overall I liked this novel a lot and feel this author is one to watch out for with future novels! 


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