Perfect by Cecelia Ahern. Review 

Perfect is the follow up novel to Flawed. Cecelia Ahern known for her romantic fiction like Ps I Love You and Love, Rosie, branched out into dystopian YA fiction last year and her debut Flawed was a fantastic book taking something which has been slightly overdone in the genre and putting her own individual mark on it. 

Flawed is the story of Celestine North a teenage girl who considers herself ‘perfect’ in a world where people are branded ‘flawed’ when they are found guilty of one of the seven flawed personality traits. When Celestine helps a dying ‘flawed’ man on a bus her life is thrown upside down and she finds that despite her connections and up to now perfect existence she is now flawed herself. Not only that, she is on the run. 

Perfect picks up where Flawed left off. Celestine is hiding out at her grandfather’s farm, avoiding the whistleblowers who are hunting her on behalf of her ex-boyfriend’s father Judge Crevan. When she meets back up with Carrick her ally from the days she awaited her branding, they embark on a journey to turn over not only their own Flawed status but society itself. 

The story is well written and engaging, Cecelia Ahern has a talent for writing interesting and thought provoking stories in more than one genre, a mean feat for any author. 

Celestine is a girl that anyone young or old can identify with, a reluctant freedom fighter placed on a pedestal at the worst time in her life as she struggles with the transistion from child to adult as well as from ‘perfect’ to ‘flawed’. 

It is these transistions which together create a character you want to cheer on, a character you want to believe in and want to win. One you want justice for. 

Like Orwell, Teri and Collins before her, Cecelia Ahern shows us how society could be if the wrong people got into power. Thought provoking and engaging a recommended read. 


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