Ragdoll by Daniel Cole – review 

Netgalley always asks for an honest review. Most of the time that’s easy because I tend to love books! Unfortunately, in this case I really didn’t. 

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole has a great review score on Goodreads and even had a write up in Writers Magazine which made me really excited to read this. However, I was somewhat disappointed. 

Ragdoll focuses on a team of misfit police officers working for Scotland Yard. There’s William ‘wolf’ Fawkes who spent time in an psychiatric hospital after an incident in a court room. Detective Baxter as well as harbouring a secret crush on Wolf is hiding other secrets which would threaten her job, while Edmunds a transfer from fraud is trying to prove himself by digging into things that someone doesn’t want looking at. 

Meanwhile there’s a killer on the loose and Wolf is revealed as one of his next victims. 

Sounds great doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it wasn’t. 

The writing was mediocre at best, Cole originally wrote Ragdoll as a script and it shows. The characters are all dysfunctional and have no seeming basis in reality. I didn’t find the plot very interesting at all there were no feelings of suspense or desire to race through the pages. Instead I felt myself skipping some of the flat, boring paragraphs. 

There were a lot of cliches and some things which didn’t even seem very realistic like news anchors showing pictures of mutilated dead bodies and footage of people being murdered on live television which just wouldn’t happen in real life. All in all I’m afraid I couldn’t recommend this book. 


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